Plan your wedding all in one place
Plan your wedding all in one place

Bridal Musings’ Expert Tips for Wowing Your Guests on Your Wedding Day

With Bridal Musings having more than 3.3 million followers on Pinterest you’ll want to take note… - i do cupcakes
By Ten Twenty One Photography

Make it Personal

Of course a couple will want to make their wedding  day personal to them (initials decor is so popular right now!) but if you really want to wow your guests, why not make your day personal to them too?

Whether it’s a wedding booklet with a note and headshot for each of your guests, a personalised photograph in every place setting or a crowd-sourced playlist with shout-outs from the DJ, tailored thoughtful touches are guaranteed make your guests feel just as special as you do. table setting with pretty decorations
By Anna Clarke Photography

Up Your Food Game

Even if you’re a big fan of beef or salmon, chances are you’re not going to be floored when it’s served to you at your wedding reception. 

If you really want to impress your guests, opt for something different with your eats. Keep it casual with food truck tacos or family-style tapas, or opt for a luxe twist like sushi platters for the cocktail hour or a boozy sorbet between courses.

Any kind of creativity will be appreciated by your guests, big time. - wedding food carrots in a flower point
By Chris Giles Photography

Entertain Us

The biggest thing couples wish they’d put more thought into before their wedding? The entertainment.

Throwing a great party means making sure your guests are entertained throughout.

While many couples have the evening music sussed, why not add in extra elements throughout your day?

Lawn games for the little ones, a mariachi band for cocktail hour, or a table quiz for guests as they take their seats. Touches like these go the extra mile for making your bash the most memorable one of wedding season. chess board at a wedding
By Allister Freeman

Be Considerate

So you’ve been planning your wedding for months, forked out a small fortune on your meal, and had to be ruthless with your guest list. Your guests are lucky to have made the cut, right? Wrong!

Some of your guests may have spent a lot of money, travelled a long way, or had to take time off work to make it to your wedding, make sure you wow them with your appreciation.

If your guests have several weddings/hen nights/stag dos to go to in a year, they’ll be hugely grateful for affordable accommodation choices, or pre-arranged transport.

From organising late night foods or pre-ceremony snacks to keep them from getting peckish, to providing blankets (for outdoor weddings), flipflops (for the dance floor) or hairspray and breath-mints (for freshening up!) any little touches you make will be more impressive to your guests than even the fanciest gown, venue or centrepieces. wedding favours for the guests
By Chris Giles Photography

All The Lights

Want to wow your wedding guests, but don’t have lots of cash to spend on styling? Scrap your flower budget, and sink your cash into lights and candles instead.

Okay, so we absolutely adore blooms, but it takes a lot of them to make a big impact. Deck your venue out in as many fairy lights, string bulbs, spotlights and candles as you can possibly muster, and your guests are guaranteed to gush when they walk into the room. wedding lanterns
By Acme via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Banish the Nerves

Okay so this one is easier said than done! But it’s important to remember that your wedding is not a show, it’s a party. (The best party, like, ever!)

And if you want your guests to have a great time, the best thing you can do is just relax, and have a great time yourself.

The most fun weddings are the ones where the love between the bride and groom is truly palpable, and the couple are having the time of their life!

Laugh your way through the vows, beam during dinner, and be the first ones to hit the dancefloor in the evening. Lead the way for a fun night, and your guests are sure to follow suit! - couple enjoying their first dance
By Stephen Casey Photography

Happy Planning!


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