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Bridal Workout Part 2 by That Girl

Get ready to sweat! Our second That Girl workout is here.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day we bring you Part 2 of our That Girl workout series!  This workout will challenge your strength, endurance, co-ordination and mutual trust.  Good luck! 

Valentine’s Day offer: Receive 20% off  That Girl’s 12 week mind and body transformation programme by using discount code:  bridebook20 




Repeat 10-12 each leg working alternate sides



This squat variation is one of the best body weight exercises to challenge strength and stability at the ankle, knee, hips, and trunk. You will be working your butt and legs as well as your core and mental game.



Stand facing each other. Take hold of your partners opposite forearm and extend the opposite leg in front of you. Make sure your spine is straight and your gaze is forward.



Focus your weight into your heels as you both hinge at the hips sitting your butts backwards. Continue to lower as far as you both can comfortably control the movement and return. Swap legs and arms.

Be mindful not to round the back and keep your gaze forwards.


GIVE + TAKE That Girl Workout


Repeat 8-12 and swap positions



The hip thrust is one of the most effective exercises for activating the glutes and developing strength and power in these muscles.


The press – up is a fundamental body weight exercise challenging the upper body. When performed correctly, the butt, abdominals, and legs also play a huge role in this move.




Hip thrust position

Lie on the floor with your legs bent, hips directly in line with your knees.  Place one heel on your partner’s upper glutes and the other on their mid/lower upper back.  Your hands are by your sides or you can make the movement harder by crossing them over your chest.


Press up position

Come into full plank position, shoulders in line with wrists and feet together. Firm the thighs, locking out the knees and squeeze your butt tight. Draw your abdominal in creating a strong, solid body.


You can modify the press-up position by placing your knees on the floor.




Why they do it

This one not only challenges your core but also your arms and shoulders, as well as incorporating some Plyometrics to get your pulse racing.





Come into full plank position, shoulders in line with wrists and legs are wide. Firm your thighs and squeeze your butt tight whilst drawing your abdominals in creating a strong, solid body.



Stand facing your partner, feet pointing forwards and gaze ahead of you as you focus your intention on your landing spots.


The Movement



Keeping your thighs, buttocks and abdominals engaged, lower your right forearm to the ground followed by your left and return to plank. Keep the movement going until your partner has jumped over both of  your legs. Then get up and prepare for your jumps.



Lower into a half squat swinging your arms backwards and then immediately swinging them forwards as you propel your body up and over your partner’s leg, when landed, immediately jump over the second leg. Now you can drop down into the plank.




Pulling exercises are often overlooked in home workouts, neglecting some of the largest muscles in the body which are important for posture and upper body strength.

This variation is not only an upper body move, but will also challenge strength throughout your whole body.



Sit on the floor, feet flat, with heels planted firmly into the ground and reach your left arm to grasp your partner’s right forearm. Your partner stands slightly off centre to you so that their right foot is between your feet, and their left foot is on the outside of your left foot. They hold your left forearm with their right hand.


How they do it

Push down though your heels and engage your butt as your partner pulls you up to standing. They then lower to the ground.


Keep your knees bent as you pull them up as they did for you. You want to think about rooting your feet into the ground and using your whole body to pull them up rather than just your upper body.

Models:  Sean Lerwill and Kate Braithwaite || Photographer :  Tom Miles  || Hair: Mary Caybakan || Make Up:  Rebecca Keates || GIFS:  Nina Shaw || Workout Clothes: Charli Cohen || Venue: Hedsor House


Happy Working Out!