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How To: Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

And make sure they act like angels, not little terrors. kids playing in the sun at wedding
By Stephen Casey Photography

If you’re keen to invite a long list of little ones to your wedding, then look forward to adorable photos and lots of ‘awwww’ moments. They do look very cute walking down the aisle with a ring of wonky flowers on their head. However, kids will be kids – you can’t expect them to be angels through an entire ceremony, speeches and then dinner. We know exactly how to keep them looking cute – so here are our top tips. child looking up at mum during wedding ceremony
By Miki Photography

During the ceremony

If you are including children in your ceremony, like pageboys and flower girls, then make sure you allocate some seats for them, as they will get tired! Get them down the aisle and into those seats. Allocating a bridesmaid or someone to keep them in line helps a lot! Another idea is sneaking in some books or even an ipad for some silent entertainment. This can get the children through the ceremony so you don’t have to worry about them. childrens table at wedding
By Allister Freeman

Seating children for the Wedding Breakfast

There are two ways to do this: sit the kids with their parents or have a separate table for them. Consider their ages and decide if the kids-only table would need supervision (details on getting help at the bottom). Children love having a little table for themselves, as it makes them feel special and allows them to entertain each other. This also means the parents can actually have some time out and party with the big boys! ginger bread man kids favour
By Stephen Casey Photography

Make a crafts table

Let the munchkins put their imaginations to good use – give them some crayons and paper and let them go crazy. You might end up with a bunch of memorable pictures, or even some decorations that they can place around the venue. Tip: Don’t give them anything that can stain the carpets, you don’t want to lose your venue deposit! boy playing with outdoor chess
By Allister Freeman


Are you providing favours for the adults? Definitely consider providing some for the kids! Colouring books, quizzes and games of I-Spy go a really long way. Make sure you have prizes for everyone who completes a quiz – otherwise things could get manic! Flower girls playing on the grass
By Jamie Bott Wedding Photography

Lawn games

We love lawn games! For an outdoor wedding, think about hiring croquet or giant jenga. These are perfect for the kids (and the adults!) and means you probably won’t see them for the rest of the night – job done. no grown ups allowed sign
By Weddings Vintage

Hiring entertainers

A magician or clown can keep kids captivated for hours! We advise you to avoid face-painting artists, because white dress… painted hands…the horror. If you’re worried about your budget, maybe someone you know will take on the role! little girl playing with bubbles
By Ali Paul

Create an area

Indoor wedding? Try creating a space for the kids – find somewhere you can make a sectioned off area, or perhaps there’s a little room off the main reception area. Stock it with board games, Twister, balloons, ribbons and even put a film on! Nothing will keep kids as entertained as a good ol’ Disney movie and a game of Twister on the side. Bonus point: parents can use it when the kids need changing or start feeling cranky! flower girl standing barefoot
By Luis Holden

Make a station

Cupcake stations or balloon-making stations are ace! Make some bare cupcakes and let the kids decorate them with edible sparkles and a bit of icing. This will allow them to be creative and satisfy their sweet tooth! A balloon station is equally awesome, if you have someone supervise the air supply. Give the kids some balloons, some instructions and leave them to make cats, dogs, hats and whatever else they can think of. flower girls running around the dancefloor
By Allister Freeman

Dance your (little) socks off

A cute idea is to have a kids-only dance after the official First Dance. Most kids love dancing and having all the attention on them! They will also look pretty adorable – good for the snaps. kids climbing a tree while a guest looks on
By Chris Giles Photography


If you can find a trust-worthy teenager, or know that a Granny would love nothing better than to look after the kids for the evening enlist their help. This way, parents will be able to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about the little ones.

Happy Planning!

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