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Plan your wedding all in one place

Saving Tips: Wedding Accessories

Make sure you are the savviest and most stylish bride on your wedding day. bridal accessories hairpin earrings and bracelet laid out
By Fiona Kelly

That veil, those shoes, that brooch, these earrings… it’s all very exciting, but it can come as a surprise to brides just how much wedding accessories can cost. As special as the wedding dress is, it doesn’t look quite right until it is matched with carefully chosen and perfect accessories (and a smiling bride of course!) We want you to have everything you want, so here are some sneaky tips to make that possible on a budget!

1) Let us start with the veil. These can be incredibly expensive when purchased at a bridal shop, especially if it’s long. So, brides looking for a cathedral length veil, this one is for you! Our advice would be to see if your mum or grandmother has a beautiful vintage veil they have tucked safely away, for an occasion just like this one. The only thing left for you to do is to make sure that your dress and veil match in colour! Similarly, as the vast majority of brides will take off their veil straight after the ceremony this isn’t an area that demands a huge financial investment.

2) Alternatively, it is easy enough to make a veil, or a stunning hair accessory yourself. The number of tutorials and styles are endless! (We especially love the newly fashionable birdcage veils!) Just make sure you are not pressed for time and that you have enough materials to have a couple of goes at your wonderful DIY. Why not do a course with your best friend and go for drinks after. More celebrations? Yes please. mother of the bride brooch accessory
By Chris Giles Photography

3) When looking for some beautiful jewellery to compliment your look and sparkly engagement ring, the jewellery boxes of the women in your family (and your beloved’s family) are a great place to start! Mums and grandmothers are guaranteed to have some show-stopping earrings and lovely brooches, so take your time to sift through their treasures. Bonus point: the piece of jewellery that you find, can function as your something borrowed too!

4) Another great way to find some incredible (and cheap!) accessories is by attending as many auctions, vintage fairs and even charity shops as you can. It might take a longer time and a few more tries than just going to a bridal boutique, but once you find something it is guaranteed to be wonderfully unique and special.

5) Another way to save some money on accessories is to go for one big and central piece that will pull your entire look together by its captivating gorgeousness. This works well for both brides and their bridal teams! So maybe go for a show-stopping hairpiece (think Carrie Bradshaw) or a stunning statement necklace. Tip: when going for a statement accessory make sure that it dominates, don’t distract from it with loads of jewellery. bride wearing her wedding acccessories
By Guy Hearn

Happy Planning!

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