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Saving Tips: Wedding Cake

Make sure your cake is delicious but doesn’t break the bank!

Oh how much we love cake! Whether it’s held up by pillars or one where each layer rests on top of another. Whether it’s a plain white cake, or a ‘naked’ cake, or decorated with intricately made sugar flowers, or with complexly designed ornaments and images – whatever the cake, we are IN! However, the more elaborate and decorated your cake, the higher its price. So here are our saving tips to make sure your cake (and wedding desert, now that we think of it!) doesn’t take a big chunk(!) out of your budget: gold and white cake with cupcakes
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Let them eat cake! Or cupcakes? Or doughnuts? Or maybe even sweets? Instead of splurging out on a cake, you could always treat yourself (and your guests) to your favourite desert! Stack your delicacy of choice in a scrumptious and artistic display et voila!


Speaking of cake (man, do we love speaking about cake), serve your wedding cake to your guests as the desert, thus not having to splurge on a separate dish! Read more about wedding breakfasts here. 


You know those endless tiers of cake that are the traditional wedding cake staple? Well, did you know that buying the tiers and then decorating them yourself would save you loads of money? Instead of the sugary petals, go for real flowers, instead of iced ribbons, go for real ones and watch how your cake becomes a beautiful accessory to your theme! (Note: artistic vision is a must have! Time to call in that friend that is particularly good at baking!)


Another great way to save some pennies on cake is to buy a naked cake and instead of decorating it with elaborate sugar displays, go for real berries and seasonal fruits. This will result in the most delicious cake for a summer wedding.


Realistically, not everyone at your wedding will want a slice of cake and our hearts break to see any cake going to waste. The best way to avoid this turn of events is to constitute some cake layers with fake ones. It will look just as majestic and yummy, but none of it would go to waste AND you will save some precious cash – done! naked cake with flowers and berries
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