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Saving Tips: Wedding Decorations

Make your wedding look sensational on a shoestring. wedding bouquet used as table decoration
By Guy Hearn

It’s time to turn your marquee or wedding venue into your own personal party. How do you do that? With decorations – hurray! These little bits and bobs will make the place look amazing and show you off as a couple. Whether you are fun-loving and jokey with an awesome theme, or chic and sophisticated with understated elegance, decorations will be something you will have so much fun deciding on. Regardless of your personal style, your decorations do not need to eat away at the best part of your budget. You can create an unforgettable atmosphere and keep your budget intact – easy peasy: two roses hung up in a jam jar
By Weddings Vintage

1) Best way to save on decorations? Think bold colour! Whether it’s flowers or ribbons, a brighter colour will always look like more, so you won’t need to spend a lot on decorating everything! Besides, a bright colour against a muted background will create a very well put-together look, making your guests think that you are a genius (of course) with an instinctive sense of style.

2) Keep your tables elegant and simple by leaving them free of clutter. We suggest using your favours as decorations, or your decorations as favours, whichever way you prefer it. Tip: the best and cheapest favours are always DIY! Whether you want to give little jars of your signature jam, or specially wrapped cookies, it will always go down well with the guests (and your wallet)!

3) Use the bridal bouquets as decorations. As soon as everyone sits down for the reception and all the photos are taken, the bouquets get forgotten, so strategically place them as table centrepieces – nifty trick!

4) Instead of buying or renting chair covers, which can be expensive and messy once everyone has sat on them, use wide ribbons instead! Wrap these in a big bow on the back of each chair et voila! This will be much cheaper and will add an elegant touch.

5) Play with fabrics. Whether for draping tables, walls, or even ceilings, your favourite fabrics can be bought cheaply and are great at creating atmosphere.

6) Lastly, try renting instead of buying whatever decorations you need! Chances are your wedding venue will have some available – sorted. pumpkins spray painted gold
By Chris Giles Photography

Happy Planning!

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