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Plan your wedding all in one place

Saving Tips: Wedding Entertainment

Get your guests boogying no matter what your budget! wedding band performing on stilts
By Weddings Vintage

At the end of the day, your wedding is one big fat party! Obviously you want to make sure everyone has one of the best nights of their lives –singing along to great tunes, dancing like fools and remembering the night forever! One thing that is going to make this happen is the wedding music and entertainment – it’s pretty darn important. If you’re keen to book the Rolling Stones you’re going to have to pay top dollar but, here are some nifty tips to make sure the entertainment rocks without destroying your budget:

1) Remember all those piano lessons your sister took when you were kids which drove you crazy? Or that group of mates who have been a band since the early uni days? Recruit them to perform at your wedding! Not only will it be great for them to be involved, but you will save money and have loads of fun too! Just make sure that they are happy to perform, that their standards are high and that not ALL of the music is resting on their shoulders, or they will have a very long night! Why not put together a cracking playlist for the gaps in between and after. And give your mates some carefully selected pressies to thank them for putting on a show!

2) If you are a huge fan of live music and are determined to hire a band, then we suggest you go for a smaller one. In a band, each musician gets paid separately, so the fewer you have, the lower the price tag.

3) Don’t forget that wedding vendors will always charge less in the off-peak months, from November to April. This includes wedding bands and DJs! violin player entertaining guests
By Ten Twenty One

4) Be your own music provider. If you know which songs will get your guests on the dance floor, then sit down for an evening, enjoy some epic tunes and compile the winning playlist.

5) Don’t forget about music schools. They will often hire out students in bands, who would really appreciate the experience and the money and will cost you significantly less than a professional wedding band.

6) Always factor in travelling costs! A band that needs to travel for over an hour will always charge you extra, so source out some local talent! violin player playing while guests dance
By David Pullum Photography

Happy Planning!

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