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Saving Tips: Wedding Flowers

Deck the place out without emptying your wallet! red and white bridal bouquet with peonies
By Alethea Photography

Oooo we love wedding flowers! They always create a wonderful sense of occasion and celebration and that just gets us excited. Any wedding venue will look incredible if it is draped in lovely blooms and we won’t even mention the incredible scent that will be coming from the flowers. However, if you want to decorate both your ceremony AND your reception venue with blooms from floor to ceiling, it might cost you a surprisingly large wad of cash. Read our tips to make sure you can still go flower crazy on a budget:

1) Get big flowers. Like REALLY big flowers. The larger the flowers, the prettier the bouquet, the fewer stems you need and the less money you will spend!

2) Why not stay away from flowers and go all hippie with woodsy fern bouquets and moss and wood on the tables.

3) Be the trendsetter bride and instead of bouquets, give your bridesmaids boutonnieres to wear on their wrists or waists. It will leave their hands free and provide the perfect accessory for their outfits.

4) Use flowers as your focal points. Positioning some at the bar and on the central table will draw the eye and let you get away with much smaller pieces on the other tables. bright wedding flowers with daisies
By Richard Skins Photography

5) Instead of having bunches of flowers on each table, try putting single stems in elegant and tall vases. This way you use fewer stems and your guests will be able to truly appreciate the flowers you’ve chosen.

6) Having a literature or music themed wedding? Have your flowers made from paper, with pages from your favourite books or the scores of the songs in your wedding playlist!

7) Double your flowers as wedding favours. Use potted flowers that will add quirkiness to your table settings and will make wonderful gifts for your guests!

8) Do you remember how seasonal food is always cheaper? Apply the same logic to flowers. Peonies, when not in season, can be four times more expensive than roses, this includes cabbage roses that look almost exactly the same!

9) Does your wedding venue have some wonderful flowers, all their own? Use them! It will mean so much less work for everyone involved and so much saved money for you. wedding bouquets on a bench
By Chris Giles Photography

Happy Planning!

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