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Tips To The Groom: Writing Your Wedding Speech

Get all the brownie points for the best groom speech ever! tips to the groom writing your wedding speech

Here’s why you need help writing your wedding speech: The days of the groom simply showing up on the wedding day and saying his name are long gone.

Nowadays couples plan their wedding together – you’re a team. Between the planning and booking, one of your treats as the groom is giving a speech. Freaking out? Don’t be, you’re going to nail it! Read our carefully selected wedding speech writing tips and give one helluva of speech: 

1) Traditionally you are the second speech of the evening, following the Father of the Bride. Maybe start your speech by thanking him for his kind words and of course, for letting you marry his daughter!

2) You’re in a room filled with your nearest and dearest. How about thanking them for attending, for their presents and for their support. It is also customary at this point, to mention those that couldn’t make it and read any notes, messages or funny quips from them. Remember, if your bride isn’t giving a speech, you are speaking for the both of you – as a married couple!

3) You may decide to mention those that have passed away. This is a very sensitive topic – so think about whether this is something that is important to you. We recommend you check with your bride, as she may want to include this in her speech (if she is choosing to do a speech).

4) Now’s a good time to give the families some love. Thank them both for bringing you up to be the people that you are and for always being there. If the bride’s family is hosting, then make sure you say a big thank you to everyone for that. Also, thank them for welcoming you into their family – any funny stories about asking your father-in-law for permission to marry his daughter, or meeting them for the first time would go down well here. This is also a great opportunity to give bouquets to the mothers or presents to the families for all their help. groom giving speech bride holding his hand
By Ali Paul

5) Next up are your Best Man and ushers for helping (and constantly celebrating with) you along the way to your wedding day. You might want to jump in and mock yourself here, before the Best Man does – as he will be speaking next, this is a good time to introduce him. If your best man is a social hand grenade, send him some speech giving tips we put together here.

6) Here comes the most heartfelt part of your speech, speaking about your wonderful new wife – and when you get to say WIFE for the first time! Compliment her on her beauty, comment on what she has brought to your life and how happy you are to start your family life together. Don’t feel that you have to be overly sentimental, just be genuine and sincere. As important as all the thanks are, this is the crucial part of your speech, make your new wife feel loved and appreciated! And obviously saying how beautiful she looks (or always looks!) will go down well.

7) Lastly, you should thank the bridesmaids for supporting the bride and helping her before and throughout the day. This is what the groom traditionally ends his speech on. As a finale, you compliment them and pronounce a toast “To the Bridesmaids!” Then, sit back down and prepare yourself for the Best Man speech… (drumroll please). 

Sneaky tool: Calculate how long your wedding speech will take to read –! groom skipping and bride clapping
By Anna Clarke Photography

Happy Speech-ing!


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