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Wedding Prices: Transport

From vintage cars to carriages, all you need to know about W-Day pricings. bride and groom in red vw wagon
By Weddings Vintage

Bridebook’s Ballpark Figure:


This can get you:

Rolls Royce 1958 Silver Cloud for 3 hours. two white rolls royce
By Clover Care

Type of car:

The first factor that will affect the price of your wedding transport is the type of transportation that you choose. We find that vintage cars tend to be more expensive than the more recent, luxurious models. This is primarily due to the fact that a vintage vehicle will need more maintenance and frequent check-ups to make sure it is running properly, whereas a newer car does not require as much loving attention. white wedding bentley
By Prestige&Classic Wedding Cars, Bentley Mark Vi, 3 hr, £395 silver mercedes wedding car
By Portcullis Executive Travel, Mercedes S Class, 4 hr, £275


The price of your wedding transport will also depend on how long you will need it for. Traditionally, you would have the car take you to the ceremony and then for the photos with your beloved, after which you would get driven to the reception venue and then the car would leave, which usually comes up to 3 hours rent. However, some vendors will rent you the car for the entirety of your wedding day, allowing you to leave the reception in style!


The distance which it takes your wedding car to get to you and then from there to the ceremony and/or reception can also be taken into account. For example, some companies will give you the first 40 miles from their base free, but will charge mileage accordingly after that. vintage wedding cars driving one after the other
By Ali Paul

The number of vehicles:

If you and your beloved require more than one car, so for example one for the groom and best man, one for the MOB and the bridesmaids and one for the bride and FOB, that will increase price. However, many car vendors will do packages on these, factoring in a discount, so definitely discuss this with your vendor if you want multiple cars. For example, Elegance Wedding Car Hire offer these combination packages:

1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine plus any other vintage car£550
Any two vintage cars (excluding 1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine)£540
1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine plus 1980 Rolls Royce Shadow II£485
Any vintage car plus 1980 Rolls Royce Shadow II (excluding 1934 Vintage Rolls Royce Landaulette Limousine)£475

Guest Transport:

Although by no means a necessity, many a lovely couple choose to book transport for their guests. This is especially advantageous if your ceremony/reception venue/guest accommodation are at a distance from one another, as it ensures that guests can fully relax and not think about driving. Prices vary, but you can expect to pay £325 for approximately 25 guests, including 3 stops. Naturally, the price will decrease or increase depending on the number of guests, stops and the distance required for travel. flower girl waving up at the horse drawn carriage
By David Pullum Photography

Alternative Transportation:

For many brides, it is their dream to arrive at the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage, for others, they want to travel with their beloved on the back of a tractor and for others yet, a London bus is the ultimate wedding vehicle. The prices for each vary, but normally depend on the amount of time that you need them for and the distance you will require to travel.

Horse Drawn Carriage Single Horse: from £350. (

Horse Drawn Carriage Pair of Horses: from £400.

Vintage London Bus: £515 for the first 3 hours, mileage over 25 miles at £2 per mile and £60 per hour for extra time. (


While most wedding transport vendors will provide ribbons and bows to decorate your car, you can also buy them yourself for under £5 on eBay. Similarly, if you want personalised number plates, you can ask for permission from your car provider and buy them for £19.90 from! bride smiling from inside of wedding car
By Guy Hearn

Happy Planning!

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